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February, 2024

The proposal envisions a transition period under President Abbas with limited powers, followed by the formation of an inclusive government and subsequent steps for PA reforms, security arrangements for Gaza, reconstruction efforts, confidence-building measures, and a regional security and political framework. Samer calls for U.S. and UK leadership in recognising Palestinian statehood and emphasises the urgency to end the conflict.


Jun 22nd, 2022

Now, just as before, fostering positive relationships is vital. And if there is trust between conflicting leaders and public support for change, chances for success are far greater. 


Jan 30th, 2023

15 years ago, President George W. Bush, Israel's prime minister and Palestine's president reached an agreement intended to launch new negotiations to achieve peace between Israel and Palestine. It begs the question, could such an agreement be brokered today?

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March 9, 2022

In this article, Dr Gershon Baskin discusses what can be done to improve social community cohesion in Israel's mixed cities. There are many buildings in Israel’s mixed cities in which Jewish and Palestinian Israelis live together, not necessarily by choice. Our goal is to help to foster intentional living together.

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January  19, 2022

In this article, Dr Gershon Baskin Urban outlines that renewal plans for Palestinians in east Jerusalem must begin with the freezing of existing demolition orders in the designated areas.

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December 22, 2021

In this article, Dr Gershon Baskin discusses the need for housing in East Jerusalem He explains that Palestinians lack 30,000 to 40,000 housing units at the present time and with a young population the need for new housing will continue to rise rapidly.

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