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Mr James Holmes 

James Holmes is co-founder of the Valens banking group, listed in Germany, offering digital banking, private banking, and asset management through a Swiss-regulated associate company managing client assets in excess of £1.5 Billion. Valens was the world’s first regulated bank to issue its own crypto-currency and pioneered the link between Fiat and Crypto Banking. Clients of the group are high net-worth corporations with many being from the Far East, including China. The businesses are listed on the German stock exchange markets, licenses are held in Canada and Switzerland. 

James is founder and funder of the International Communities Organisation (ICO) which works on a cross-community, non-partisan basis to encourage and support community reconciliation and peace processes. In 2021, ICO brokered an agreement between the two communities in Mitrovica, the Kosovar Serbs and Kosovar Albanians. ICO is also working at a high level in Cameroon and Cyprus and as part of its efforts has an associated investment fund to support cross-community businesses and offers university level courses to emerging leaders and entrepreneurs. ICO is currently in the early stages of building the world’s first centre, in Vienna, dedicated to reconciliation processes globally.

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