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Supporting a path to peaceful relations



We fund integrated residential housing projects in which Jewish and Palestinians Israeli citizens will choose to live in the same residential buildings. We seek to fund commercial projects which are based on shared Jewish-Arab ownership


We address the lack of housing for Palestinians in East Jerusalem by providing finance for residential projects for long term rental and apartment units for sale. 


 We create work opportunities for Palestinian women and young Palestinians in the West Bank, and for cooperative Israeli-Palestinian joint ventures in Jerusalem, and between Jewish and Palestinian Israeli entrepreneurs in Israel.

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Despite recently heightened tensions, many stakeholders from both communities across Israel-Palestine remain dedicated to working together towards reconciliation, to support the path to a shared society in Israel and peaceful relations between Israel and Palestine. The Holy Land Bond fund projects, where the promotion of improved relations and building shared societies is the aim. All proceeds of all subscription for the bond shall be used to fund large scale commercially viable investment projects across Israel and Palestine for cross-community benefit aimed at reconciliation. 

National, ethnic and religious conflicts are often exacerbated by disparities in basic conditions and unmet human needs. This relative deprivation acts as a motivational force for underlying oppositional action.  This is why the investments we look for will seek to address key human needs. We will closely  look to address the disparities in housing for Palestinians citizens in Israel. Secondly, we will  look to fund long-lasting economic opportunities by funding projects that support the development of SMEs across societal lines. We see  economic interaction as a significant  vehicle to create linkages , establish trust, reciprocity  and generate mutually beneficial outcomes. Lastly, we will look for opportunities for joint housing in projects between Jewish and Palestinians Israelis.

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